Articles about Eldora Park
Events, Outings and Picnics
As reported in local newspapers

Charleroi Elks Ox Roast, August 18
Delta Alpha class of the Methodist Sunday School, August 5 and 25
M. E. Church, September 2
Monongahela Valley I. O. O. F., September 21
United Presbyterian Church, July 30

Complied from various editions of the Daily Independent, retrieved from

July 13

Show at Eldora Tonight

Free vaudeville show by George Burghard, the “greatest slackwire artist and comedian.”

Daily Independent, July 15, 1904, Retrieved on August 17, 2008

August 14

Eldora Jubilee Campmeeting

Annual jubilee campmeeting Sunday August 14 and continuing two Sundays. Thousands of “white and colored people” expected to attend. Mrs. Rose Hammond Lee of Salem Ohio will sing. Preachers include Rev. B. R. Lee, Rev. Dr. W. S. Lowry and Rev. Broad-Ax Smith.

Daily Independent, July 30, 1904, Retrieved on August 17, 2008

Sept 26

Stockholder Reception

Collection of Robert R. Rockwell

Oct 22, 24

BIG SALE OF LOTS AT ELDORA PARK. Wanner Land Company to Have Big time on October 22 and 24 - Ox Roast One of the Features.

Wanner Land Company sponsors Ox roast during their fall sale of lots in honor of patrons.

Daily Independent, October 14, 1904, Retrieved on August 17, 2008

The people of Roscoe, June 21
Washington County Bar association, July 7
Maccabees, July 26
I. O. O. F., August 16
Frye family reunion, August 26

Complied from various editions of the Daily Independent, retrieved from

June 3

Free Concert at Eldora Park. Monessen Italian Citizens Band. Imperial Quartette

Daily Independent, June 2, 1905, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

June 19


Belle Vernon Italian band gives a concert. The band is considered the best in this locality.

Daily Independent, June 19, 1905, Retrieved on August 10, 2008

June 26

At Eldora Next Week

At 150 feet in mid air, M’lle Luellita performs head stands and other feats “in the most artistic manner” every evening for one week at 7:30 and Sunday afternoon. The act was featured last season at Dreamland, Coney Island.

Daily Independent, June 23, 1905, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

July 4


Carrie Nation delivered two lectures yesterday to several thousand people from surrounding towns. On the street car on her way to Pittsburgh from Eldora Park after her lectures, Nation caused a scene when she ripped off and tore to pieces a street car advertisement for beer that had been altered by “some wag” from “Drunk by all nations” to “Drunk by Carrie nation.”

Daily Independent, July 5, 1905, Retrieved on August 20, 2008

RESENTED THE JOKE. Mrs. Carrie Nation Tears Down Beer Ad. in Trolley Car.

After delivering two lectures at Eldora Park, Carrie Nation created excitement on a Pittsburgh and Charleroi street car by tearing down a sign advertising beer that someone had changed to read, “Drunk by Carrie Nation,” and had drawn a row of hatchets on the sign. Passengers cheered as she tore the sign to pieces.

Indiana Evening Gazette, July 10, 1905, Retrieved on August 10, 2008

Carrie Nation in a speech at Eldora Park, “censured” president Roosevelt and the Republican party for their attitude on the “liquor question.”

Daily Independent, July 10, 1905, Retrieved on August 10, 2008

In 1911, a notice in the Daily Independent saying that Carrie Nation was dying mentioned that she had appeared one season at Eldora Park.

Daily Independent, January 31, 1911, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

July 19

At Eldora Park this Week

The Juggling Borks will be performing their marvelous juggling act demonstrating dexterity in manipulating different articles every evening this week.

Daily Independent, July 19, 1905, Retrieved on August 8, 2008

July 28

Champion Balloonist

Prof. W. J. McKinney, champion balloonist of Chicago makes ascensions at 7:30 p.m. each day this week.

Daily Independent, July 28, 1905, Retrieved on August 22, 2008

August 2

At the Park.

The two Cleodoras made their first appearance in “The Ride for Life” the most sensational act at the park this year.

Daily Independent, August 2, 1905, Retrieved on August 22, 2008

August 10

Labor Day at Eldora Park

The popular picnic grounds will be crowded with miners and their families on their great Labor Holiday. Sports will include foot races and pole climbing. Dancing will begin at 1 p.m.

The Colonial Quartette of Pittsburg will give two concerts on Sunday.

Daily Independent, September 2, 1905, Retrieved on August 10, 2008

Sept 22

Booker T. Washington

The famed Negro, Booker T. Washington, was the main speaker at a rally held by The Monongahela Valley Emancipation Association in Eldora Park on Friday, Sept. 22, 1905.

Daily Independent, December 4, 1962
Collection of Jeff Antol

North Belle Vernon council Jr. Order U. A. M. annual picnic, July 12
Maccabee Day; auspices Monessen Hive, No. 184, June 13

Complied from various editions of the Daily Independent, retrieved from

May 31

Charleroi Mail, May 29, 1907
Collection of David Metz


Vaudeville at Eldora

Vaudeville pavilion at Eldora Park is producing three act vaudeville performances each week. Acts include Raymond and Hess, singer Belle Browdon, and Alving & Keene comedy acrobatic act.

Daily Independent, June 13, 1907, Retrieved on April 27, 2008

May 28

COMMITTEE FOR PICNIC APPOINTED. Annual Outing of School Children to be Held May 28. GOOD MEN SELECTED. To Arrange for Big Affair at Eldora Park This Spring.

Thursday May 28 chosen for School Children’s Annual picnic one day after school closing. Treasurer of the picnic board, George S. Might reported that $255.13 was received last year, $243.63 was spent, leaving balance of $11.50.

Charleroi Mail, April 29, 1908, Retrieved on August 21, 2008

Hebrew Ladies' Aid picnic, August 16
Charleroi Business Men's Picnic and Ox Roast, August 17. Roast ox sandwiches, coffee and pickles served free to the multitude at noon. 1,200 pound ox slaughtered at the abattoir of Councilman Charles Schmeller and roasted by professional ox roaster Wm. Critchfield from Hermine, Westmoreland county.
Charleroi High school Alumni Association, August 18
Frye Family Reunion, September 3

Complied from various editions of the Daily Independent and the Charleroi Mail retrieved from

St. Jerome's annual Outing, July 12
Union Sunday School, August 3
Page employees, September 8. Annual outing held at Eldora Park instead of the usual trip down the river on the Island Queen due to the Island Queen being condemned by government inspectors.

Complied from various editions of the Daily Independent and the Charleroi Mail retrieved from

July 4

ARMIES PREPARE TO DO BATTLE ON THE FOURTH. Force to Mobilize in Charleroi This Evening. WILL ENCAMP AT ELDORA. Night to be Spent by Military Companies at Site of Tomorrow’s War

In connection with the Fourth of July, several military companies will participate in sham battles. Commander-in-chief will be Capt Gustave Schaaf, of Donora, a Philippine Veteran, division commander will be Jacob Harshman, of Millsboro, formerly of Charleroi, also a Philippine Veteran. Brownsville Light Infantry, Charleroi, Monongahela, Monessen and Donora companies and the Belle Vernon Rifles will also participate.

Charleroi Mail, July 3, 1911, Retrieved on May 18, 2008


In addition to the sham battle, events will include dancing, roller coaster, merry-go-round, bamboo slide, basket picnics, and a grand fireworks display.

Charleroi Mail, July 3, 1911, Retrieved on May 18, 2008


Balloonist C. H. Overmeyer will ascend in Monessen and descend near Eldora Park.

The previous Sunday, Overmeyer attempted the flight, but due to wind and air currents, he had to make a parachute jump just before the balloon dropped into the river below Lock 4.

Charleroi Mail, July 3, 1911, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

July 9

Quartet at Park Sunday

The Liberty Comedy Quartet performed two concerts.

Charleroi Mail, July 10, 1911, Retrieved on April 27, 2008

July 12

CHURCH HAS AN OUTING. Eldora Park Scene of St. Jerome's Picnic today. HUNT JIMMY VALENTINE

Amusements include “hunt for Jimmie Valentine.”

Much interest is manifested in the search for Jimmie Valentine the elusive individual who has figured extensively in many search contests for the Pittsburg Leader. Jimmie is to mingle with the crown, and the luck person who locates him will be paid $25.

Charleroi Mail, July 12, 1911, Retrieved on April 27, 2008

July 20


Wheeler's orchestra will at the informal dance.

Charleroi Mail, July 12, 1911, Retrieved on April 27, 2008

July 23


Campmeeting held by “colored people of the community.” Gospel and jubilee song services, preaching, eminent divines and various colored choirs of the valley will be features.

Charleroi Mail, July 22, 1911, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

Sept 14


Last summer dance 8 to 12 PM. Music by Wheeler’s orchestra

Daily Independent, September 8, 1911, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

July 23

GERTRUDE BRESLAU HUNT of Chicago, Ill., the great lecturer and author will lecture on “The Battle for Bread is the Issue”

Will debate Hon. Edward Callahan, candidate for democratic nomination for Sheriff of Washington County on “Resolved, that Socialism is the only solution for the prevention of crime.”

Daily Independent, September 23, 1911, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

Roscoe Union of Sunday Schools, August 8
Elks Picnic and Ox Roast , August 15
Union picnic of the Protestant Sunday Schools of Charleroi, August 29

Complied from various editions of the Daily Independent and the Charleroi Mail, retrieved from

Roscoe Ledger gives picnic to children of Roscoe, May 24
Donora Schools annual outing, May 27
Charleroi Schools, June 3
Eastern Star chapter of Donora dance, June 4
Monongahela Socialists, June 15
Ladies' Auxiliary of the Monessen Lodge of Elks, June 18
Alpha Phi Beta fraternity of Charleroi dance, June 22
Tecolote club of California, June 25

Complied from various editions of the Daily Independent and the Charleroi Mail retrieved from

May 15

ELDORA PARK OPENING AN EVENT OF MAY 15. Amusement Place Being Put in Shape. Four Big School Picnics Among Events Booked for Early Season

Manager Tom P. Sloan and Assistant Manager Roy S. Sharpnack announce extensive improvements to the Park including a brick walk from the street car station to the dancing pavilion, renovations and repainting of all buildings, and additional lights strung.

School picnics scheduled are Monessen on May 23, Donora on May 27, Monongahela will follow, and Charleroi on June 3.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins will conduct dancing school on Monday nights.

Charleroi Mail, May 10, 1913, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

June 15

Socialists to Gather on June 15

Mother Jones known for her efforts in the West Virginia coal strike, and Socialist organizer and scholar, George R. Kirkpatrick will make addresses.

Charleroi Mail, May 23, 1913, Retrieved on May 27, 2008

Ad on streetcar announcing Mother Jones at Eldora Park.

Valley Independent, date unknown
Photo appeared in Yesteryear section.
Conductor in photo is Frank Krepps.
Photo was contributed to the Valley Independent by Zeta Morgan

June 8

“MOTHER” JONES SCORES WEST VA. COAL BARONS. Aged and Militant Woman Labor Leader Makes Vigorous Speech at Eldora Park at Gathering of Tri-County Socialists. FLAYS EXECUTIVE AND JUDICIARY

Mother Jones, over 81 years old, spoke to about 3,000 people. She recounted the acts of tyrannous brutality that she witnessed in the mining camps of West Virginia during her residence there...She urged the working class to arouse from its lethargy and shake off the chains of wage slavery.

George R. Kirkpatrick author of the book “War, What For?” spoke on the causes of war and how the laboring man might look for relief.

Charleroi Mail, June 9, 23, 1913, Retrieved on April 27, 2008


“Mother” Jones, noted labor leader, addressed a large crowd Sunday evening at the first meeting of the Tri-County Socialist from Washington, Westmoreland and Fayette counties. She was inspiring in her denunciation of certain high officials and their supposed smooth act in compromising the embattled miners after their recent struggle.

George R. Kirkpatrick, author of “War, What For?” addressed a large crowd.

Daily Independent, June 9, 1913, Retrieved on April 27, 2008

Monongahela Valley Press Association outing, August 4. Eight thousand coupons clipped from various newspapers were turned in at the roller coaster, merry-go-round and dancing pavilion.
U.M.W.A. Miners' Outing, August 14.

Complied from various editions of the Daily Independent and the Charleroi Mail, retrieved from

July 4

Daily Independent, July 4, 1918
Collection of Robert R. Rockwell

May 15


Lawrence Welk, “a glittering new personality in the musical world” and his orchestra bring champagne music to the dance pavilion, Sunday evening. Frank Lombardo and his orchestra are featured during intermission.

Daily Independent, June 3, 1939, Retrieved on May 18, 2008

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