Articles about Eldora Park
Kifer Collection

Photos in this collection are courtesy of John Kifer, Jr., sixth-generation descendant of the Wickerhams who owned the property where Eldora Park was located. I'm very grateful for Mr. Kifer's generosity allowing these images to be preserved and shared.

Photos digitized and enhanced by Rich Rockwell. If you would like to see some of the original photos that were repaired: Repaired Photos

William Henry Harrison Tip Wickerham, Chief of Police of Eldora Park


James Wickerham (John Kiferís great grandfather) took souvenir tintype photos in the Tin-Type Gallery


Tin-Type Gallery

A souvenir tintype taken at Eldora Park


Arched entrance to the park from the street car line down in the hollow. The arch was illuminated with electric lights.

Close-up of sign posted on tree reads No intoxicants allowed on the grounds.

Reunions were a popular event a Eldora Park. This is the Grant Family Reunion with over 100 family members posing for the photograph.

Restaurant is visible in the background on the left, Electric Theater and concession stand on the right.

Dance Pavilion

Close-up of lights outlining the roof of the Dance Pavilion

Close-up of sign at ticket booth reads No smoking on the Dancing Pavilion

Close-up of sign posted on tree at the right edge of the photo reads No profane language

Restaurant. Roller coaster structure on the left casts a shadow on the left side of the building.

The Landefields advertisement painted on one of the Park maintenance buildings was a Park landmark.

Building was in front of the Wickerham house.

Restaurant on left, picnic pavilion on the right, roller coaster in the background.

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