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I am grateful to the following people who contributed to this site:

Jeff Antol for researching and contributing numerous newspaper articles from the early 1900's about Eldora Park.

John Kifer, Wickerham descendant and owner of the property that used to be Eldora Park, for providing me access to the location and for his recollections of Eldora Park and Camp Charwood.

Len Marraccini, authority on Eldora Park for being a resource for recent articles about the Park.

David Metz for sharing is personal collection of Eldora Park memorabilia.

Ruth Miller of the Donora Historical Society for helping preserve the history of Eldora Park and contributing her photographs to the Monongahela Valley Review, 1985.

Monongahela Valley Review staff - Roy Sarver, Business Manager, Proprietor; Terry Necciai, Editor; Russ Salminen, Production Manager/Feature Writer - for documenting the history of the Monongahela Valley in 1985 and 1986 in the Monongahela Valley Review - Dedicated to the uniqueness of the Monongahela Valley places and to the people, past and present, who dreamed of things that never were and asked why not.

Pat Sanders Murphy for sharing her collection of historical photos of Eldora Park and of Camp Charwood.

Ron Paglia of the Tribune-Review for writing about Eldora Park.

Robert R. Rockwell (my Uncle) who contributed numerous photos and facts about the Charleroi Interurban.

Don Roessler for sharing his family memorabilia of the Ingersolls, builders of roller coasters including those at Eldora Park and Kennywood.

Nikki Sheppick of the Charleroi Area Historical Society for her tireless devotion in preserving and sharing historical information of the Charlerori Area.

Morris Wickerham for contributing photos and personal recollections of Eldora Park in the Monongahela Valley Review, 1985.

University of Pittsburgh, University Library System, Archives Service Center for maintaining and sharing historical archives on Pittsburgh and local history including a set of back issues of the Monongahela Valley review.

I tried to credit owners and contributors of photos and information where possible. I apologize if I made any omissions or errors. Many photos were sent to me in emails, and I don't know their origin. Please send me any corrections or additions and I will make appropriate updates.

Contributions are welcome. If you have photos, recollections or other historical information you would like to contribute, email me at

This site is dedicated to my Grandfather, Walter S. Rockwell, Sr. who did electrical and construction work at Eldora Park (See: Recollections for a photo of his business card and invitation to reception at Eldora Park in 1904), and my uncle, Robert R. Rockwell who instilled in me a passion for discovering and sharing history.

About this Site
I created this site to tell the story of Eldora Park, to collect, preserve, and share recollections and historical information for future generations.

I learned about Eldora Park when I was a kid in the 1960's. My mother and sister were involved in Camp Charwood, the Girl Scout camp that used Eldora Park as a day camp from the mid 1940's through the 1970's. I was always fascinated by the stories my grandparents and neighbors used to tell about Eldora Park in its heyday and I imagined what it must have been like. I was fascinated by the fact that a trolley ran from Roscoe to Pittsburgh and ran through the woods stopping at Eldora Park. My interest in Eldora Park was rekindled by the article Eldora Park was big part of area's history by Ron Paglia in the Tribune-Review December 3, 2006 about Leonard Marraccini's research into Eldora Park. That article led me to Pat Sanders Murphy, who I knew from the Camp Charwood days.

We are fortunate to have the Internet to be able to collect, share and preserve this information and keep it alive for future generations.

Richard Rockwell